Furnace - The Spicy Hard Cider


About Furnace Hard Cider

Furnace is a Spicy Hard Apple Cider with a slash of heat from red peppers infused during the brewing process and rounded out with a dash of ginger and lemon. Aged in American oak, this refreshing semi-sweet cider is produced in Upstate New York from estate apples grown on a 5th generation family farm.

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The Story Behind the Unique Flavor

We have always had a lifelong love of cider, and we took some of our three favorite flavors, each with their own unique characteristics, to create something very special.


Red Pepper

Colloquially known as cayenne, capsicum brings the heat to this drink.



Adds a warm, spicy bite that is a little bit sweet.



Lemon has the unique ability to bring out the flavor.

Honest Testimonials

Don't wait - go out and try one of the most unique drinks out there.

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